Although we are small congregation, we really put our emphasis on missions and our community.

Tutoring: Bethel offers a tutoring program with the Longview elementary Bethel United Methodist Church Hickory NC Tutoringschool, grades K-5th. This program is on Wednesday’s after school until 5:30 pm, with pickup and delivery provided. Studying, snacks, bible class and dinner are provided.

Nurture Committee: People need a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Christian community. “Nurture” identifies the need for Christians to be nurtured in the Presentation of Food Lion grant for tutoringChristian Faith if they are to cultivate the spiritual resources necessary to provide effective outreach and witness ministries. The Nurture committee provides, education, confirmation and member classes, Lenten, advent or other seasonal studies, leadership training and prayer support, Arranges for special services.

Outreach Committee: United Methodist churches of all sizes are called to Bethel United Methodist Church Hickory NC Missionsprovide outreach ministries on the local, state, regional, national and international levels. Doing local outreach is a good way initially to get people involved. The outreach ministries of the church shall give attention to local and larger community ministries.

Witness Committee: The ministry of Witness gives people the opportunity to share their faith understanding of personal and corporate salvation, reconciliation, worship celebration, spiritual deBethel United Methodist Church Hickory NC Soup Kitchenvelopment and discipline. It also provides people with opportunities to share their faith with other persons. They coordinate visitations to nursing homes, home bound. They do door to door canvassing of neighborhoods, including an invitation to worship. Providing fellowship in the local neighborhood.